Delicious Recipes

Imagine a busy day when you are due to visit a spa or barber, have to finish up on some chama meetings, shop for clothing you have been waiting to buy, reply to urgent business emails while you eat. You can actually get all this done at Soiree Gardens. Stick around for more details.

Our Top Rated Dishes

Sandwiches/ Plain or Toast

Fried Chicken

Fillet Steak

Soiree Special Breakfast

Special Offers

Goat Meat

Get goat meat choma, chemsha or fry at Ksh1000.00 only.

Buffet Service

We have a buffet service. Come along to our restaurant and get the best buffet service you've ever had.

Free Meeting/ conference rooms

Hold meetings for your business in our conference rooms for free so long as the persons order food from the restaurant.

Come along to Soiree Gardens Restaurant at any given time and get the appropriate meal for that time.

Be it breakfast, lunch, supper, drinks and beverages. We have all of them specially made for you.

Our Events

We have different events throughout the week to help you unwind.

Jazz Night

We have a night plot for you to beat your Monday blues. Come along to soiree gardens off Ngong Road, Nairobi. Come and enjoy the world's finest jazz.

Rhumba Night

Go back to the old days of our forefathers with the rhumba nights organized for you every Wednesday. Get down the African way.

Karaoke Thursdays

There is no better way to unwind and have fun than singing your heart out at our Karaoke Thursday sessions. What song will you be singing during the session?

Family Times

Don't have a plan for your family on Sunday afternoon after church? Bring your children along and support your team later on during games time.